I can only hope that her songwriting continues on a similar path and she does not lose her muse. Light pop/folk today has been the basis for long and successful careers. I would put money that hers just might be one of those. ”

Frank Gutch Jr., No Depression

Karen Dezelle's new EP, Secret in the Heart of the Poet, released February 14. 2019, is made up of three tracks, "Skin on Skin," "Begin Again," and "Secret in the Heart of the Poet."  The release is a collaboration with singer-songwriter Gavyn Bailey (who is signed to Bump Into Genius, partner of Warner Chappell.) Long-time friends and collaboraters, Bailey co-wrote "Skin on Skin" and "Begin Again" with Dezelle, sings harmonies on all three tracks, and produced the EP. The EP was recorded partly at Jim Henson Studios in Hollywood, and then finished in a cabin in Malibu in one weekend. The production was kept intentionally raw, almost like a live recording, to celebrate the authenticity of the singer-songwriter genre. "We wanted it to feel intimate," says Dezelle. "The songs are just what felt like the truth. We wanted to keep the production pretty simple and stripped down." 

Each song on the EP is reflective of Dezelle's signature style: honest story-telling that is both deeply personable and highly relatable, presented with soothing vocals and poignant reflections on the human disposition. The Secret in the Heart of the Poet is about the struggle every human faces, as we are all perhaps both afraid to be known and afraid to be alone and finding out the only answer to is to figure out how to do both. It's about craving love and being terrified of it at the same time, and how most artists try to reveal something of themselves in their work, but maybe will always feel a little removed/ lonely. Skin on Skin is about the sacred nature of sex, misplaced connection, abandonment, healing, confusion, the emptiness left over, how we often see what we look for in others and miss what we don't want to see in them. Begin Again is about healing, transformation, and how it's never too late to write a new ending. 

Dezelle is a singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, California who sings indie folk, with pop, alt-country, and americana influences. She had an international upbringing, and having grown up living in multiple countries, has toured extensively, playing notable venues and festivals throughout the United States and UK (House of Blues and The Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles, Ain’t Nothin But Blues Bar in London, Shakespeare's in Austin, The Bitter End in NY.)  "Secret in the Heart of the Poet" is the 6th EP in Dezelle's prolific catalogue, following the critically acclaimed releases "Lost and Found" (2013), "Bloom, Unfold, Wither" (2014),  "Room For Two" (2016) and two holiday albums. Many of these songs have been placed in motion pictures, and after multiple sync placements, Dezelle has been tasked with writing custom pieces for film and TV. Her songs can be heard on Hallmark, Up TV, Lifetime, and within the Mar Vista catalogue. 

Bailey is an acclaimed artist in his own right, having his first EP, “Sickly in Love" climb to the top of the iTunes Singer/Songwriter charts for several weeks. He has shared the stage with such legends as Carole King, Aloe Blacc, Burt Bacharach, and B.J. Thomas, and played venues like the Lincoln Center in NYC and Dolby Theater in LA. He’s currently working with Grammy-nominated producer/mixer Trevor Muzzy (Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Lopez, Sonreal) and songwriter Ashley Maietta of the trio “Luci”, on an EP scheduled for release in 2019. He has also written for artists such as Ray Dalton, Tim Schou, Xenia (“The Voice”), Dylan Jordan, Moody, Romeo Blanco, SVEA, among others.

Dezelle and Bailey will play the songs from the new EP and other songs in Austin March 14 at Shakespeare's on 6th street during SXSW. The music video for their song "Skin on Skin" is also due out this month. 

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