Karen Dezelle is a singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, California who sings indie folk, with pop, alt-country, and americana influences. She writes and composes her own music and has played at famed venues and festivals across the United States and UK, including SXSW, the House of Blues, The Hotel Cafe, Ain’t Nothin But Blues Bar, and The Bitter End. After the success of her 2013, 2014, and 2016 albums, “Lost and Found,” "Bloom, Unfold, Wither," and "Room For Two,"  Dezelle set to work crafting beautifully emotional songs that make up her latest EP, "Secret in the Heart of the Poet," which was released February 2019. 

At the center of Karen’s music is honest story-telling, with lyrics that are both relatable and deeply personal. She combines authentic stories with emotive, soothing vocals, building instrumental flourishes, and cross-genre musical experimentation. With music that mixes positivity with uncertainty, she reflects on the human disposition in a way that elevates her songwriting and engages the listener. "Music helps people feel more connected. Everyone has their way of showing love to the world...music has just always been my language," says Dezelle. 

Karen’s music has been critically acclaimed and placed in numerous films and trailers. Most recently, she has been tasked with writing for specific film scripts and television. She has continued to collaborate with many other up-and-coming and established singer-songwriters as both a performer and a writer, as well as pursue her individual creative pursuits. Her recent songs, “I’d Go Anywhere,” “Susie’s Song,” and “Bloom, Unfold, Wither” can all be heard in motion pictures. 

"I can only hope that her songwriting continues on a similar path and she does not lose her muse. Light pop/folk for today has been the basis for long and successful careers. I would put money that hers might just be one of those." - No Depression

"The EP ventures into highly authentic and honest territory, expanding on her songwriting by diving deeper into charged narratives and sweet lyrical content. It’s a window into her very own heart and soul. From tracks about losing love to the bubbly feeling of falling into it, she touches on the very core of human nature and emotion. She infuses her catchy rhythms with a unique style." -Music Artiste - New Indie Music Reviews - Karen Dezelle 

"Karen Dezelle's New EP Bloom, Unfold, Wither is a Heart-Rending Musical Experience... Her lyrics are moving and passionate. Karen describes it, "The EP is about choosing hope over doubt, love over fear...It's about finding peace in imperfection and beauty in brokenness." - The Celebrity Cafe

"The Video : "Love You Anyway,"  which was filmed along the sprawling California coastline. Fun Fact: She's been everywhere, man - growing up, her family moved nine times in seven years, from Texas to Trinidad to London." -American Songwriter 

"Each track on Karen Dezelle’s EP “ Lost and Found” is a journey through her thoughts and feelings, constructed expertly over a wide expanse of gorgeous instruments. She brings a timeless quality to her music, making for a classic singer songwriter sound that will speak to anyone that craves authenticity." - New Music Ten